December 05, 2006
December Winner Predictions

Best Picture: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Director: Martin Scorsese, "The Departed"
Best Actor: Peter O'Toole, "Venus"
Best Actress: Helen Mirren, "The Queen"
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson, "The Departed"
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson, "Dreamgirls"
Best Adapted Screenplay: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Original Screenplay: "Little Miss Sunshine"
Best Art Direction: "Dreamgirls"
Best Cinematography: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Costume Design: "Dreamgirls"
Best Film Editing: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Makeup: "Apocalypto"
Best Music - Original Score: "Notes on a Scandal"
Best Music - Original Song: "An Inconvenient Truth"
Best Sound: "Dreamgirls"
Best Sound Editing: "Letters from Iwo Jima"
Best Visual Effects: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"



Mmmm. Muddled flip-floppy campaign or not, I still think way too many people are talking about DiCaprio for him to be snubbed. Having seen "The Pursuit of Happyness" tonight (liked Smith a lot, but don't think it has the stuff of winners), I actually think Leo has a decent shot to win.

Wow. You suddenly made the list of winners about five times as dull. A WWII film, Jack Nicholson and Peter O'Toole just does not sound exciting.

I still reckon the Supporting Actor trophy is gonna go to Alan Arkin. He's old, has never won and is in a (probably) BP nominee.

What is your prediction for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Animated Film?

Ugh, too much "Letters" in there for me! Sounds like an interesting movie, and I've been dying to see it since I heard about it, but still... I just don't see the Academy going all out for a foreign-language film (they haven't before for better films), Eastwood or no Eastwood.

Don't discount Indigènes (Days of Glory in English) as a nominee for foreign-language film. If you haven't heard about it Tony Scott's got a good review up over at the NYT.
I saw it months ago, found it heartwrenching. Good story, good actors. If Eastwood's going for another view of the Battle of the Pacific, here we get a novel view on the troops fighting the Germans.

Hmmm...I dunno, my baby. You do have a sixth sense about these things & you know a lot of important folks so...Can I trust you on this? Let's hope so. I worship Helen Mirren so that would be fantstic. Plus it's about time that an older woman won Best Actress. Although Jack is brilliant, he needs a fourth Oscar like I need to wear a nightgown to the mall. Don't have anything against him. Just think someone else should have a shot. So you really believe (in all honesty & in complete faith) that AMPAS will honour Mr. O'Toole & Mr. Scorsese? If that were to happen, I would be so ECSTATIC I'd be set for years on end. It would be like the most exquisite dream imaginable. I'd love to buy into this...but harsh reality does tend to cloud the most incredible visions. Hope you're right, K. I can hear it starting up now. Unleash hell....

I think O'Toole is losing strenght. I'd go for Withaker.

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