November 23, 2007
Peter Jackson Sleeps Through "Beowulf"

So, here's a tale.

This past Saturday, the 17th, my friends and I trekked out to see "Beowulf" on IMAX 3-D in King of Prussia, PA.

While picking up tickets, I turned and literally, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh (and a bunch of other people) were walking by.

We were pretty late to the movie, so we star-struck followed Jackson into the theatre, where only the first two rows were left. Jackson's group took the second, ours the first.

My seat was directly in front of his. I mean, he's a personal hero of mine, so I was losing my mind. The "I Am Legend" trailer begins and we hear Fran say, "oh, Andrew shot that". Shortly into the movie, Fran leaves when their kid gets scared (and understandably so, PG-13 my ass).

Shortly after the big Beowulf and Grendel fight, we hear that oh-too-familiar sound of snoring. You can feel the surrounding audience getting a little pissed off...

Until we all realized, Peter Jackson was the one snoring. And he pretty much continued to throughout the rest of the film.

Once the movie ended and the lights came up, I nervously introduced myself to him. He shook my hand, but looked pretty beat and exhausted. I wish I had asked him how "Lovely Bones" was going, but a crowd was forming, and we decided it would be best just to leave him be.

It's just not something that happens everyday.


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