November 15, 2007

The number of years the editor of this site has now lived.

Happy Birthday, Kris.


Thanks, G. Though change "lived" to "suffered," and you'll be closer to the mark.

Happy birthday, Kris. Have a good one.

Happy Birthday Kris!!! Could you show us a picture of you please?

I would never tease unsuspecting strangers as a lark. But I must say this. As someone who actually IS aware of what the esteemed Mr. Tapley looks like, take it from a girl who knows. He's hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July...

Happy B'day!

you're old man... hehehe

Kris revealed his face on Red Carpet District. Obviously you've never been there.

I visited the RCD but didn't see one. But, let me go there again.

Did you go to ? See the "About" section on the right-hand panel and you'll see his face.

Now I've seen it. Thank you.

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