December 06, 2006
Question of the day...

What was the last Best Picture winner to totally be snubbed by the National Board of Review's top 10 list?


Hehe... Return of the King.

I thought it was really interesting that "The Queen" was snubbed as well.

A Beautiful Mind was snubbed too. The same year the only BP nominees to make the list were Moulin Rouge and In the Bedroom. So, Dreamgirls isn't entirely out, as much as you hope.

Oooooh, good call sid. But none of the LOTR films made it to the NBR list those years either, which is also interesting.

Yeah they just didn't like LOTR I guess. They ended up giving only a Best Ensemble consolation prize to Return of the King.

I don't hope for anything, Positive Jon. I'm just making a point. You have to go back to 1988 to find the next winner that missed the list, and it's interesting they snubbed a musical regardless. I have clearly been making a case for weeks that "Dreamgirls" seemed to be more vulnerable than people would allow. I have never "hoped" for any film to fail, just tried to make my case as a prognosticator.

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