December 04, 2006
This is pretty rad...

Universal Pictures is apparently quoting me, re: "Children of Men" at the official site for the film. Interesting that they chose the brief "Bleak. Bold. Brilliant. Best." blurb I tossed up immediately following the screening rather than something more long-form from the full review. That could have been in reaction to any number of things! But hey, I know Mr. Moses at Uni dug that tid-bit, so much appreciation for the ink on the site, folks.

And speaking of it all, I watched the film again over the weekend on the small screen, and it plays pretty good outside of a bombastic theater. I was worried, but it still reeled me in as it did a few weeks back.



Congratulations Kris. You have been quoted. This shows that your review is highly regarded by the film industry.

Awesome Kris.

I was wondering, with its late Dec. 25 release date, have they been screening "Children of Men" enough? Obviously the screeners are out, but this has to be a movie that is best seen on a big screen, right?

Congrats Kris!

Here's to hoping Children of Men and Alfonso Cuaron gets some worthy awards recognition!!!

By the way, have you seen the Bagger's latest video? (at the Gothams) The sequence with the Mexican trio (Alfonso, Alejandro and Guillermo) is a blast! I hope those guys keep up their friendship and collaborations through many more movies so we can get more gems like those they brought us this year!!! :o)

I have not seen Children of Men yet, but Babel & Pan's Labyrinth are the best 2 films of the year so far...

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