November 21, 2006
Bleak. Bold. Brilliant.



I'm hoping The Good Shepherd, but I'm thinking Children of Men...

He's clearly speaking of an early listen to American Idol runner up Katherine McPhee's new album.

Kris, tell us please!, I'm curious, we all are

my predix for what has you so excited...

1. Children of Men
2. Jennifer Hudson's performance
3. Apocalypto
4. The Good Shepherd
5. Ashley Judd in Come Early...
6. Dreamgirls itself
7. For Your Consideration
8. Pan's Labyrinth
9. The Lives of Others
10. Curse of the Golden Flower?

All signs point to this being "Children of Men."

Kris, I need your help with something out of the issue:
Which font did you use for the "Tech Support" logo?

Thanks and help me!

this is definitely for Children of Men... and you couldn't be more right!!!
I caught it a couple of months ago, and it's haunted me since then!
Do you think there are any chances it will get some type of awards recognition?
Damn, Cuaron just keeps getting better and better with each film! Can't wait for his next project!!! ;)

his next film is supposed to be "Mexico '68" about the student revolt and masacre in Mexico City... rumour has it that he will have Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna as the leading actors... but he said on an interview with Jeff Wells that he was going to wait a while because all this hard topics are very eshausting...

Considering up above this entry he's quoted Children of Men and "bleak" "bold" and "brilliant" sound like apt descriptions for it (cause it is all three).

Good to hear.

Yeah, you really ought to give the main page a look first from now on...

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