December 04, 2006
NBR on Wednesday

Hard to believe we're already here, no?

This can be an awfully random organization. They do try to make sure every studio is thrown a bone of some sort. I frankly don't like the group as much as the two coastal critics bodies nor do I find them as easy to predict.

Nevertheless, it’s fun trying to wonder what they’ll cook up.

So I’ll go out and guess…

"The Queen"

Top Ten:
"Babel", "Children of Men", "The Departed", "Dreamgirls", "Flags of Our Fathers", "Little Children", "Little Miss Sunshine", "World Trade Center"

Martin Scorsese – "The Departed"

Will Smith – "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Helen Mirren – "The Queen"

Supporting Actor:
Eddie Murphy – "Dreamgirls"

Supporting Actress:
Maggie Gyllenhaal – "World Trade Center"/"Stranger than Fiction"

Original Screenplay:
"Little Miss Sunshine" – Michael Arndt

Adapted Screenplay:
"Notes on a Scandal" – Patrick Marber

Breakthrough Actor:
Ryan Gosling – "Half Nelson"

Breakthrough Actress:
Jennifer Hudson – "Dreamgirls"

"An Inconvenient Truth"

Foreign Film:
"Volver" – Spain

Animated Film:


Debut Director:
Allen Coulter – "Hollywoodland"


yes, I think The Queen will get it...

I was predicting The Lives of Others to get foreign, but I heard they skipped it, for some reason I feel they will award Rinko Kikuchi with the breakthrough performance of the year...

do you think Children of Men is strong enough to get some buzz or be considered for BP at the oscars? do you see Universal ignoring United 93 and going for Cuaron's film?

also I think you only have 9 films, not ten...

it's obviously Dreamgirls...

never mind, it is in your list, perhaps United 93 or The Painted Veil...

I will not be surprised if Nicole Kidman wins the Best Actress for FUR. After all, they awarded Moulin Rouge! the Best Picture some time ago.

My tenth film is "The Queen".

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