December 13, 2006
This is off-putting.

I just looked at one of WB's new sprawling FYC ads for "Letters from Iwo Jima" in today's Variety, with all contenders listed from to back. There was Ken Watanabe listed in the Best Actor category, and as for the rest of this ensemble that has already been praised by various critics? NOTHING. No Best Supporting Actor mentions for stand-outs Kazunari Ninomiya or Tsuyoshi Ihara. This is especially distressing for the foremer, who puts out one of the most understated and powerful supporting turns of the year.

Couple this with the wishy-washy campaign for the actors in "The Departed" - well - the category placement for Leonardo DiCaprio, in any case, and it's all just a bit unconscionable. If the studio can't even spend a little extra dime for a touch more copy and include two more names, we can't expect the Academy will sit up and take much notice either. Sorry, Mr. Ninomiya. You desrve attention. Hopefully you'll get it some day, and "Letters from Iwo Jima" will be remembered as the moment you arrived, as it should be.


I found it hilarious that WB were FYCing Scarlett Johansson for Best Actress for The Prestige.

Like... huh?

You and Poland are pushing him through. Thanks you.
I hope they will notice him, soon.

Scar Jo? Ha ha! This is interesting.

Film studios like WB are out of touch really.
They need to pay attention to bloggers like you.

Do they, now?

Hopefully AMPAS will take notice of the Asian performances.
I was disappointed that they did not nominate Ziyi Zhang for Geisha last year even though she was nominated by SAG.

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