December 13, 2006
The Best News of the Day

The Honorary Oscar is going to Ennio Morricone. I cannot describe how happy this makes me feel. I can hardly think of a more deserving candidate (considering size, range and quality of filmmography) or a more inspired candidate (these always seem to go to directors or actors).



"The Man with the Harmonica" is the single greatest work of filmmaking musical composition of all time. Brilliant decision.

I've never seen "The Man with the Harmonica", but I am going to check it out because of your high praise.

Morricone created my favorite score of all time as well, for "Once Upon a Time in America."

eraserhead: "Man with the Harmonica" is one of the main themes from "Once Upon a Time in the West," FYI.

I found this thread in IMDb []. The posters actually campaigned for Ennio Morricone back in September.
It seems AMPAS actually pay attention to common people like us!

oh my bad. that makes sense. i have seen Once Upon a Time in the West. I guess i will have to pull out my dvd and watch it again.

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