December 08, 2006
Song Contenders

According to this academy press release, there are 56 contenders in the race for that prestigious Original Song statuette.

Perhaps the most notable omission is the latest song of The Dixie Chicks for "Shut Up and Sing." I wasn't expecting a nomination though I wonder what it did to miss qualification.

I don't think a whole lot is changing as a result of this press release but I am curious to see how the Academy fares in their second year of choosing the Song nominees in this matter. Trends may begin to emerge.

And on a final note, "O Kazakhstan" would certainly make for an interesting performance.


I really hope "O Kazakhstan" gets nominated. If there is one song I think can beat Dreamgirls, this would be it. It's so funny and entertaining. It'd be great to see it performed live.

Too bad Borat's "You Be My Wife" wasn't eligible. THAT would have been an incredible performance too (see video -

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