December 07, 2006
"It's strange. I promised myself I would fight until death for my family. But the thought of my family makes it hard to keep that promise."


i'm just guessing. is this what Saigo said in Letters from Iwo Jima?

The quote is from Kuribayashi to Saigo, actually.

I've been reading raves about the actors at IMDB. Can't wait to read your review on that.

Care to give a gist now?

Sure, since the embargo has been destroyed by McCarthy and Wells. Well, mainly McCarthy.

I think it's a wonderful film, much better than "Flags of Our Fathers," which you'll undoubtedly hear over and over again. It's far too long, but it is a long, deep breath, and that's what Eastwood likes to do. It is the most unique war film we've seen in some time, one of the most affecting anti-war statements you'll come across, and all the more powerful to see this story come from an American director. Truthfully. It packs an added punch as a result.

But, again, it's a long film. I don't hesitate to call it too long, but again, Clint does what he wants. This time, the material was just far more interesting.

The cast is top's one of the best ensembles of the year. Watanabe is the clear standout, but Ihara and Ninomiya, especially, put forth searing work.

And the score. The SCORE. Beautiful, haunting, delicate, exact. It is frolicing in my head as I write.

Thanks for the interest. More tomorrow.

Now Eastwood can win an Original Score Oscar too. Sigh.

Thanks for the gist.
David Poland has included Ninomiya in his chart too. Read a review by Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter, mentioning "he was just terrific". Is he really one of the contenders to be watch out for?

Hate the thought that people are still going to give the symphaty Oscar to Marty despite knowing Clint really does deserve it this time.

John Y: Clint didn't compose the score for Letters.

Question: If this were directed by someone who wasn't Eastwood, would be getting anywhere near the outer edges of the foreign language ghetto of Oscar?

ydgmdlu, IMDb says Clint composed the score. And when Joel Cox (the film's editor) visited my school, he was talking about Eastwood composing the score for "Iwo Jima."

Kamikaze... If anyone other than Eastwood directed "Iwo Jima," I doubt it'd be such an Oscar contender. But the fact that the Academy idolizes the man, and that Eastwood made not one but two WWII movies this year, means that all of a sudden this whole "foreign language" and "reading subtitles" obstacles isn't that big of a deal for voters.

Cause who knows foreign films better than Mr. Clint "LA" Eastwood, right?

soya, when's the last time AMPAS gave a sympathy Oscar for Best Director?

Arnzilla: hmm... i guess not YET since they never given Marty one.

Would a Condon win be as "sympathetic" in your opinion?

Condon? maybe, IF Dreamgirls didn't win the best picture. If he does win its because of the split vote from Clint vs Marty battle.

I'm all for Letters From Iwo Jima (eventhough i haven't watch it yet), thus I'm very bias.

I guess you hope that AMPAS will be as biased as you.

i hope AMPAS picks the right movies. Its just my personal opinion, Letters is the strongest amongst the top picks right now. However, my prediction is quite realistic. Marty will win (although he don't deserve it). Jenifer Hudson will get an Oscar. Letters will get one for the score. The rest... latter.

Biased AND realistic. You've got all bases covered.

"Letters is the strongest amongst the top picks right now."

But you haven't seen it. Ok.

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