December 08, 2006
I can't stop listening to the greatest score of the year.

Clint Mansell has a gift. More filmmakers should hire this guy.


A-freakin-men to that.

It is a very beautiful score. Unfortunately, the academy would never go for this, mainly because of the film's mixed reviews. I could be wrong though. I didn't think Pride and Prejudice or The Village stood a chance of getting nominated.

If Clint didnt get nominated for Requiem i don't think he has a chance for the Fountain and it is really a shame. I would jump with joy if the fountain gets 1 nomination even though it deserves so much more.

I think Dario Marianelli should have won last year. And The Village's soundtrack was amazing.

I went to the movies tonight, and finally figured out what film you were referring to.

I'm going to find this soundtrack.

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