December 09, 2006
Some love for "Brick?"

With these critics awards coming down the pike, I really hope at least one group finds room to recognize Rian Johnson's "Brick," one of the best films of the year that I was only able to catch up with when it came to DVD. The film already has my personal award for Best Debut Feature. I only hope in the midst of awarding films like "The Lives of Others," "Half Nelson" and "Thank You for Smoking" that critics recognize this little gem, a triumph, and an exciting start to a likely vibrant filmmaking career.


Amen, Kris. I thought I was the only one.

"Brick" was remembered already, Kris... in 2005...when it was originally released. ISA gave it two nominations. But I also really admired the film. If it qualifies for anything this year, it'd be nice to recognize original work...Lord knows there are greater awards frauds committed than recognizing a release from the previous year.

No, it was released in 2006. It played the festival circuit pretty furiously in 2005 (which landed it eligibility with ISA), but did not actually open until March of this year:

By all rights, that movie should be a lock for Original Screenplay. Alas...

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