August 03, 2007
Ledger on "Dark Knight" set...

There's also some video here.

I still think he looks completely awesome.


I've come to the conclusion the people are a bunch of batman haters. Don't get me wrong, I love their site and generally agree with them, especially Devin. However, their increasingly anti-Nolan/Bale/Dark Night attitude is pissing me off. Take a look at this article,

That article seriously doesn't make any sense. I'm not sure why it was even posted. And why is Devin's review of Begins so infamous? I'm gonna go see Bourne.

I don't read anything Batman-related at CHUD.

Devin's woeful misunderstanding of "Batman Begins" was the tip of the iceberg, then you get nonsense like this. The guy actually said Burton's "Batman" is "unwatchable." I still contend anyone who can't view that film as the glorious elseworlds story that it is doesn't deserve to call him or herself a comic book fan.

He misses the obvious panel-to-screen parallels from Burton's film to Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns," as well as clear indications of revered tone, and completely misses the fact that it is the most representative film of that work of graphic fiction there is. He also - classically - fails to recognize it (DKR) as a grave departure from the character and therefore nothing "quintessential" to be aimed at where a "definitive" cinematic take is concerned.

He REALLY gives his lack of a grasp on the subject away by stating his "love of Batman is all about tone." Classic Miller-head.

I love Miller. But what many people don't get is that Miller's best work on the Bat was "Year One," not the massive (needed) punch in the face that was DKR. And that was all due to character, not that all-too-leaned upon "dark" Miller tone. They also don't realize (heaven forbid digging back a little) that the true brilliance of the character came out in the work of Denny O'Neil in the 70s and even as far back as Batman #1. Shock and awe, those are the works Nolan and his bro have gone back to to rekindle the Joker (I'll take a classic story like "The Joker's Five-Way Revenge" over a Jeph Loeb hackjob any day).

Alas, I can talk about this character all day long till I'm blue in the face and the rest of the crowd has either given up or run out of ammo, like this...guy. The rest of the article is op-ed bullshit about a film that hasn't been released and has given NOTHING of itself away quite yet, so I find at least 40% of the article worthless.

Anyway, a lot of that is laced with vitriol. Sorry. I get fired up about Batman like a good geek.

Agree with a lot of what you said Kris. Burton's Batman films are, while not quite as great as Nolan's, are still good in their own right. Even Batman Returns, which gets a lot of flak for its freakishness (didn't bother me, seeing as how it's a Tim Burton film) and its alleged mean-spiritedness (this perplexes me as I found most of the main characters to be sympathetic ones, save for Walken's character).

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