July 17, 2007
"Thank you, come again."

Well, I made it out alive today when I decided to take a gander at the Kwik-E Mart/7-Eleven over on Verdugo and Olive in Burbank this afternoon. They have to form a line outside or else the place will be overrun with frothing-at-the-mouth Simpsons fans and their digital cameras, yuk-yuk laughs at Jolt Cola and Duff Beer (well - they were actually out of these items) and the like.

Sadly I didn't bring my camera along to document the nightmare. Though I did take a shot of the pink sprinkle doughnuts on sale in 6 packs 4 packs and singles. I nearly went into a diabetic coma when I ate one, by the way. Never tasted anything so sweet in all my life.

Anyway, chalk one more up for publicity...


I'll be there opening night...to see The Dark Knight teaser and curiously observe peoples reactions to it.

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