July 19, 2007
How much ass does "The Bourne Supremacy" kick?

I've been gearing up for Monday night's big critics screening of "The Bourne Ultimatum" at the Arclight by dipping into the old Bourne titles this week.

Doug Liman's "Bourne Identity" didn't impress me much the first and only time I saw it five years ago. The best thing director Paul Greengrass could have done for Liman's introdcutory installment was keeping it so tonally similar, right down to the "Extreme Ways" closing credits. It almost elevates the first film by proxy as a result. Watching them back to back, I have to say I enjoy "Identity" a touch more than I did back in '02.

But "Supremacy." Jesus. It was damn-near a top 10 film for me three years ago and it just gets better and better.


Kris, I couldn't agree with you more. Although I think Identity had better one-on-one action scenes( Clive Owen and Damon in the field, Damon jumping off the stairs at the end)Supremacy has the best car chase ever filmed in a movie and, perhaps, more effective drama. At the end where Damon talks to the girl whose parents he killed was very well done. Not to mention Chris Cooper and Brian Cox giving great performances. I'm looking forward to your views on Ultimatum.

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