February 08, 2007
"It's just one fucking thing after another."

A great line from "The History Boys," but also applicable to the current meandering season of "Lost." I just caught up with last night's episode and, seriously...these people have no idea where this story is heading. That was the worst episode of the series.


I have to disagree. Last night's episode was the best one this season. The first six episodes should have been three. They were really drawn out, but last night's was very satisfying. Juliet is a great character, and it was nice to see how show got on the island. I was ready for an Others' flashback, and I thought Juliet's delivered.

Dude, it's been like that for some time.

I pretty much decided that after the first three episodes of season 1.

Knowing JJ Abrams, his shows run out of steam after 2 maybe 3 seasons and then they just stand around taking up everybody's time as they either dissolve into absurdity or revert back to storylines from season 1.

I don't get what all the "genius" tags were about when he was hired for MI3.

Couldn't disagree more...Wednesday's ep was very good.

Cuse and Lindelof know exactly what they're doing. Have you ever heard them speak?

While the show continues to spin off on some new "other-centric" axis that has fuck-all to do with our main characters and much of the story introduced in the first season, this week's episode was highly satisfying in and off itself. It gave the illusion of answering question while revealing nothing concrete (and that's not necessarily a bad thing), fleshed out one of the show's few remaining interesting characters, and was engaging for the full hour.

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