February 08, 2007
Three Amigos Minus One

So this Sofitel Three Amigos event last night was great. Lots of names, lots of inter-studio shenanigans, lots of drinking, lots of eating.

Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu grabbed the mic for a quick song, offered their apologies for Alfonso Cuaron's absense (get well soon), then blended back into the crowd of admirers. Ron Pearlman turned out, as would be expected, but so did Gina Gershon, Rosanna Arquette, Benicio del Toro, Catherine O'Hara, an interesting array of celebs, really.

And I managed to get a "we'll see" out of Aaron Eckart regarding his potential casting in "The Dark Knight" later in the evening at the bar. "We'll see" is well and good, but "Where did you hear that?" really raised my eyebrow. I think it's the best rumored casting for the Harvey Dent role we've come across since Liev Schreiber, so here's hoping Nolan lands him for the part.

How did this turn into a "Dark Knight" post? Oh, right - I'm a Batman dork.

Anyway, this was a first, three studios pulling together to put on an event like this. It was nice talking to the celebs, but really, meeting and greeting a lot of the peripheral nominees was the real treat. Of course, it's always a pleasure to speak with Adriana Barraza, her supportive husband in tow. I had a chance to chat with Stephen Mirrione on nominations morning via telephone, but it was cool bumping into him and co-nominee Douglas Crise and talking further. Chivo Lubezki was of course lurking about (and he suddenly reminds me of Alexandre Desplat for some reason), as was Guillermo Navarro. Gustavo Santaolalla was swamped with admirers, and I never did see Guillermo Arriaga, but I think he was around.

All in all, a unique event. Guillermo del Toro is such a big kid, it was awesome finally meeting him face to face. But you won't catch him thinking about the Oscars too heavily. He's just looking for a good time, after all. When he pointed to a lamp shade and said "I'm going to get drunk and wear that fucking thing," I thought I was going to spit out my crabcake. That's my kind of guy!


Looks like Eckhart is awaiting Nolan's final decision. Announcement will be soon...

Two things:

Firstly, Why are people like you and Dave Poland and others writing Emmanuel Lubezki's name as "Chivo" as if it's his actual name. It's not like Lubezki is this big famous guy known to the world as "Chivo". It just strikes me as very "industry" and exclusive.

Secondly, any stories about people who aren't all nice and lovely charming and funny and drowing in daisies?

Oh, and I'd back Eckhart for TwoFace if Shreiber decides he wants to spend time with his, apparently, pregant girlfriend.

Camel, seemingly everything that doesn't include you is immediately corralled as something "exclusive" or "industry." First seeing films multiple times and early, now calling a man who introduces himself as "Chivo" Chivo. No one calls him Emmanuel. No one.

Secondly, find me an Oscar contender who actually puts forth a bad face around Oscar time and I'll write a piece about it.

Well, at least now you've said he calls himself Chivo. You may not know this, but I've never actually met the man. Fancy that.

And my thing with the seeing films early was not that it happens but that you were complaining you didn't get to see, of all things, Infamous before everybody else which was rude.

But, whatever, I'm not gonna be one of those idiots who disagrees with you and says I'm never coming here ever again.

BTW, Schreiber has been cast in CSI. Will he have time now, between that and raising a kid, to make a Batman movie?

It wasn't rude, you just prefer to inject some sort of negativity into the conversation when it comes to inside talk because, I guess, you feel like you're being left behind? Or aren't yourself a part of that specific conversation? I don't know, but you're kind of predictable at this point. Personally, I prefer to continue covering these things as I see fit. If that means calling Chivo Chivo, something 90% of my audience understands, then that's the way it crumbles.

Though I certainly respect your tenacity in sticking around and dealing with such grating peculiarities.

As for Schreiber, he's basically been out of the mix for a while. Early word was the role was his if he wanted it, and apparently, he just left it hanging out there. Clearly he's moving on to other things.

I don't prefer to be negative, but after a while it's like "Oh, so-and-so went to another party where everyone knows each other and is all lovey dovey" and it just gets tiring reading it. If it had to do with Oscar watching then sure, but just discussing the details of a party you attended...?

(and yes, people may know who Chivo is, but it seemed disrespectful to just call him that, but knowing that he prefers that name (or whatever) makes a difference, so I'm sorry bout that)

meh, anyway. you obviously don't care so I don't know why I'm defending myself. I'll keep going about my business.

Camel, again, no other suggestion other than stop reading, since it's obviously such...a...problem.

But that's on you, because the details of these gatherings are very much the heart of the Oscar season.

Here's my drop into your discussion guys... a little cultural input!

"Chivo" is a fairly common nickname in Mexico... and in most Spanish-speaking countries people often go more by their nicknames than their real names (speaking from personal experience / observation here). When Kris wrote "Chivo Lubezki" it didn't make me blink or anything (although I don't know the man either KCamel, and haven't had much time lately to hang over at Dave's much), I read the "Lubezki" so knew who he was talking about!

And Kris, a suggestion for your "one-liners", if you do them from foreign-language films as well: "Das ist fur Mehr" (but check the spelling). Last phrase in "The Lives of Others", saw it a couple of days ago and that sentence still rings in my head, so appropriate! Lovely!

Again, I wasn't aware of the whole "Chivo" thing. Blah. That's a culture thing.

Kris, maybe I don't take news of a lovely chat with Adriana Barazza and her husband or how Guillermo del Toro said some funny jokes as being the "heart". I suppose that's just me.

It is just you.

I'm giving you a space to read about what's happening inside. It's about pulling back the mystery and giving these people a face for the readership to be a little closer. It's what I've always tried to do and what I'll continue to do.

Take it or leave it.

Well, if hearing about how you nearly spit out your crabcake because someone made a joke is "pulling back the mystery" then that mystery is really disappointing.

As you said yourself (paraphrased), you're not going to find someone who isn't trying to be gracious and nice and charming and funny at this time of year so it really shouldn't be surprising at all to hear about how all these people vying for Oscars are being that way.

If you're a writer you have to be able to take some criticism, mate. It sort of comes with the job, doesn't it?

This isn't criticism, mate. You're just doing a good job of being a nuisance, as usual.

If you have something to add, Camel, something in the way of a point, feel free to do so. Otherwise, your contribution to the discussion remains gnat-like in its annoyance.

I mean, ask yourself, what are you trying to say - EXACTLY? You came here, you bitched about my commentary regarding screenings, you bitched about my calling a man by his name - I mean, if it's all too "inside" for you, you're free to read something more up your alley. But don't mistake petty nit-picking for "criticism."

Otherwise, make a point that matters and maybe something resembling a conversation will surface.

I won't hold my breath.


Being a nuisance "as usual". JEEZ yourself. How about stopping the hyperbole?

I've had a couple of problems with things you've written over the PAST YEAR (the whole Chivo thing btw I already said I was wrong about) and apparently I'm a constant pain? Way to just make sweeping exaggerations. Nice to know that 95% of my replies go ignored unless they actually point out something wrong and you decide you don't like it.

Being a condescending git to your readers is real classy btw.

You haven't pointed out anything wrong. Your assumption is what's offensive.

But clearly you just want the last word, so you can have it. Feel free to reply with some pointless nit-pick and that's all she wrote on my end.


Well, it's offensive when you think you have a right to see movies before others. And it's offensive when someone has been a regular commenter for over a year and then you summise their entire history to the total of about four posts, simply because you didn't like something they said and they were the only one who bothered to tell you.

Thanks for letting me have the last word. Nice to know you hold your readers in such a glowing regard.

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