February 18, 2007
And now everything is clear

"The Departed" and "Babel" have TIED for the ACE. Crazy. Gotta love this year's Oscar race.

The ACE win for "Dreamgirls" is not surprising in the slightest while "Children of Men" triumphing at the ASC is even less so (yet still extremely deserved).


Last film to win DGA, WGA and ACE...Forrest Gump.

How funny! I was just going to say what Artimus Zein said. Only 6 films in HISTORY have won DGA, WGA, and ACE awards.

Forrest Gump, Schindler's List, Dances with Wolves, Patton, and The Sound of Music. All 5 won Best Picture and Best Director. Now The Departed is the 6th. Yes, the Best Picture race could still go anywhere, but can we all stop now and call The Departed the frontrunner. This statistic is too hard to ignore.

It's not the frontrunner any more so than the next film. The Academy at large doesn't necessarily do what they're "told," and last year's guild dominance by "Borkeback" remains testament to that.

To boot, "Letters" throws a wrench in the works by being the last film seen and AFTER the guilds had voted, no less.

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