February 18, 2007
That Animated Category (Part II)

I made a similar rant a while back but seriously...

Pixar is a fantastic studio but "Cars" is very middling. "Happy Feet" is grating and meandering (great music aside). And while I give "Monster House" kudos for being different from seemingly all the CGI movies we are bombarded with, it's very uneven and pretty haywire - and not in a good way.

I really wish this category would be dumped, even if I'm curious to see how Groening and Bird perform this year.


dump a category because you didn't like any of the movies nominated in one particular year? ridiculous. It's a good thing the category exists, imo.

As I ranted in November, getting a nomination when only 15 films are in competition does not mean that much. Hell, winning when there are only fifteen films in a year does not mean that much.

Moreover, all the category does is ghettoize the films.

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