January 22, 2007
Tick-tock, tick-tock...

What's got you biting your nails tomorrow?

I, for one, have the aweful feeling "Letters from Iwo Jima" is going to be snubbed across the board. How often is it that a film lands a goose egg with the guilds and still finds room at the Oscars? I just think no one saw this film in time. Maybe they have seen it now and re kicking themselves, I don't know. But if Clint and company get any notices for this double bill, I'm beginning to think those citations will come for "Flags of Our Fathers," including the potential lone director spot.

The Weinstein Company? Some speckled nominations last year, this year, nothing looks likely. That's two bum years for the game's greatest wizard. I don't think "Bobby" is too destined to wind up with absolutely nothing, because it has shown signs of life in the precursor season. But it'll be tricky. "Breaking and Entering" (did this get a bump to 2007?) and "Factory Girl," however, have come up limp.

Focus Features. Dd we ever expect to see a day when this studio wound up with nothing? Next year won't be a repeat, what with everything from "Atonement" to "Reservation Road" in the mix.

"Children of Men?" I'm predicting a shut out save for the obvious cinematography nomination, including a surprise snub in Best Art Direction. But this is a film that deserves regonition in Best Picture, Director, Actor, Adapted Screenplay, Art Direction, and Sound to boot. Will the year's best film show up anywhere else?

"Blood Diamond." I feel like this thing is gonna be all over the place tomorrow. Long live Alan Horn?

"The Prestige." Christopher Nolan, his generation's most promising filmmaker. Still a master of structure, still a wonderful visionary. Despite not enjoying his latest film as much as past efforts, I find myself hoping it receives multiple Oscar nominations tomorrow morning. This is a guy making movies for all the right reasons.

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Breaking and Entering did have a one-week qualifying run in Los Angeles.

Hoping Letters won't get shut out...

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