January 26, 2007
Montoya in "The Dark Knight"

Looks like the Latino Review website is reporting on a character in the "Batman Begins" sequel: a female cop, latin.

This is clearly Detective Montoya from the comic book series, written as a lesbian in later years and one badass bitch! Hopefully the script has some room for Detective Harvey Bullock too, because honestly, there are a lot of interesting story dynamics within the Gotham PD if the screenwriters look in the right places.

Of course...there is still that pesky Jamie Foxx rumor I bitched about last month bouncing around.



Why the heck did Matt Damon pass on Harvey Dent!?!? I think he would have been a good choice. I hope it's not true.

Personally I think he's all wrong for that part. Ed Norton is a better choice, but still not as PERFECT as Schreiber.

I second that about Schreiber. I think he would be good. He doesn't seem to do a lot of work though.

If he's up for an Omen remake then surely he's up for a sequel to Batman Begins!

The only person better for the part than Liev Schreiber would be Ralph Fiennes. Any thoughts?

Would be interesting, but I still think Schreiber is THE choice. I mean, when I think of Dent, I think of Leob and Sale's Dent. And Schreiber fits that character PERFECTLY.

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