January 25, 2007
Worst year for year in advance predix EVER!

Wow, that'll discourage me from dealing with all this 2007 research.

In the top 8 categories, I only guessed three - count 'em - three of the nominees. Oy.

In only nabbed 14 of the technical categories.


This stuff can be found over at the old site, by the way.


Kris, you had a lot of faith in The Good Shepherd. I liked it anyway.

Actually, I had a lot of faith in Universal.

Sigh, whatever happened to Breaking and Entering?

I actually got 5 from the top 6 categories a year in advance this year but I usually do a teensy bit better than that (I did really terrible in pic/dir with absolutely nothing making it --so i had my worst ever showing in the top four categories combined (only 2)

all the below line stuff saved my "prediction statistic" ;)

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