November 21, 2006
O'Connell in there for "Apocalypto?"

In researching the sound design category for his column this week, Gerard pointed out to me that one of Oscar's all time biggest "losers," sound engineer Kevin O'Connell, is responsible for the mix on Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto." I would have had him slated for a nod here long ago had I been privy to the info, but the sound participants are rarely mentioned on IMDb until very close to release for some reason. But, there it is. With "Apocalypto" being positioned as a major action endeavor, I think O'Connell is solid for another nomination this year.

Also, I didn't notice this information mentioned in Tom O'Neil's recent interview piece with O'Connell (if it is, I apologize). That's a good piece nontheless, so give it a look.


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