November 09, 2006
Movies, movies, movies...

"The Good German" tonight, "The Painted Veil" tomorrow, "Happy Feet" over the weekend, "Blood Diamond" Tuesday and yep, I'm skipping "Dreamgirls" on Wednesday, but more on that in Monday's column. Regardless, GOD I'm ready to get this slate behind me...


"Regardless, GOD I'm ready to get this slate behind me..."

Nice to see your rising status is letting you enjoy your love of film more than ever.

Seriously, though, what's the point if it's ruining what was supposedly your passion? Disagree with you many people may at times (me many time) but your love of what you cover has always made you stand out amongst so many. Please say this isn't a sign that's ending...

I'd be a little hesitant for a line-up of such serious movies like those. I'd bet Happy Feet is a welcome break from the drama.

Artimus: No, nothing to worry about on my passion. I'm just getting burned out for various other reasons (a NY Times story and four Variety pieces due the same week will due that to someone). By "slate" I just met this last stretch of films, so we can get down to awards business, watch how the films are received by critics and audiences, etc.

And tonight was a horrible, HORRIBLE start, I might add. What a rough viewing experience...

I can see how tiring it could be; still,for some one passionate about films it must be nice to be in the thick of things this way... unlike others of us who have to wait sometimes months for the good fare (and then are oh too frequently stuck watching them dubbed).

Enjoy the screenings and then tell us all about it! :o)

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