November 09, 2006
A Discovery While Looking Ahead

While looking towards potentially interesting 2007 releases, I went to see what John Williams has coming up; he's not exactly one to work with any old hack. Then I realized...he has no films slated for 2007!

Imagine...two straight years without John Williams at the Oscars? That would be only the second time in the last four decades?!?

Yet it's also indicative that he's probably slowing down. At 74, it's deserved. But also a little sad.


he doesn't have anything out this year either?! (saving himself for IndyIV perhaps?)

he's always brilliant and well-deserving of awards-notice, but this will give a chance to lesser-known composers to shine...

I always love seeing new composers shine. Still surprising to see this legend MIA for two straight years.

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