July 26, 2007
The Dark Knight Teaser

Terrible. Horrendous.

"The Dark Knight" has had amazing viral marketing so far. The Harvey Dent site and the Joker reveal were fantastic, as were the Joker cards strewn about California and Chicago. But this teaser, ugh, it makes my heart sad. It had the potential to be something so great, something that made everyone stand up and freak out in theatres, but nope. It's just meaningless, and it doesn't even "tease."

Heath sounds great I guess, but really, it's not enough for me to get excited. "Iron Man" has a full trailer put together and it's coming out only a month or so before Dark Knight. This was clearly just a scramble from WB to make up for the backlash on ignoring the Con this year, and honestly, they shouldn't have cared. Pissy geeks will forget everything about not getting a comic-con panel when the undoubtedly amazing trailer comes in December, as the Joker first promised.


Honestly, Kris, I think people are so jacked for this movie that they can afford a slow-burn campaign. You get (I think) the Joker's voice in this trailer.

And I have to say, he sounds like Benecio's Jackie Boy from Sin City. Not that that's a good or bad thing. Just an observation.

The first teaser for Begins wasn't that great either, though it did have actual footage from the film.
This one is mezzo-mezzo, I liked the dialogue but the visuals effects are kinda lame. I liked Heath's laugh but his voice sounded over the top, but maybe that's the point.

I think if you're going to pick one role to go "over the top" with, you're probably safe if you do it with The Joker.

Although "over the top" isn't enough if it's going to be silly. It has to be sadistic.

You're right, the voice sounds silly to me, though the laugh sounds great.

Call me a "pissy geek," then, because it's flat out ignorant to not have a presence at Comic Con.

Also, Brian posted this, guys. Be sure you're checking who posts what as Gerard, Brian and I are all posting on The Blog.

Oops sorry, Kris and Brian!

For the record I don't think Ledger's voice is silly. I just meant that the Joker can't be silly, not saying Ledger is.

Jack's performance in Nolan's universe would be silly.

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