July 26, 2007
So THIS is Comic Con?

A wall-to-wall cluster-fuck of capitalist greed was expected, but not the absolute exhaustion it would induce. I know the Con has supposedly gone more and more to shit (and how could it not when film studios begin to leech onto it as a jumping off point for genre films that really...don't belong in the same context as they'd like to think. But this...this is disgusting. I am a comic book fan, and I hate the San Diego International Comic Convention.

I said it.

Anyway, I guess it didn't help getting a slow start today and, due to traffic, parking, registering and standing in a gigantic line, I missed the damn Paramount presentation this afternoon. No 20 minute "Beowulf" presentation for me. No "Indy IV" look. None of that. Granted, I'm coming at this as an attendee. I didn't try to take a presss route because I was just curious enough tto see how a regular fan could or couldn't enjoy him or herself here, and while there's plenty to see and do, I just don't know if this kind of mass humanity should beb allowed...anywhere.

To top it off, the majority of that bigass line were people hoping to see Jessica Alba at the Lionsgate panel that FOLLOWED the Paramount presentation in the same auditorium. Straight...to...shit.

So two days is going to be enough for me. I'll check out the Warner Bros. presentation tomorrow and hold out hope that there will be a teaser for "The Dark Knight," but I'm doubtful. There's a rumor it might be shown with tonight's "Superman Doomsday" animated flick. I don't know. WB really is gonna be left with no major showing if this happens, because now it seems they had to pull out of Wizard World Chicago due to some political nonsense.

As the world turns.

Anyway, I'm out o here tomorrow afternoon. I already heard it stated that today, THursday, is worst than a typical Saturday at the Con. Which means this thing is getting more bloated than the World Series of Poker.

At least San Diego is gorgeous as always. A trip across the harbor to Coronado suddenly sounds much more enticing than hearing Joe Jusko or Neil Gaiman talk about why it is they do what they do...



Coordinates point to San Diego...something Dark Night related perhaps?

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