July 19, 2007
Oh, and let me just say...

...two Emmy nominations for "Friday Night Lights" is a disgrace. It deserves to win in both categories (direction and casting), but regardless, this was the best show on TV last fall and it got the shaft. Meanwhile, horseshit like "30 Rock" continues its parade down the throats of people with brains.



30 Rock is one of the funniest, most original comedies on television right now. Which, of course, means that it was not at all in competition with the very deserving Friday Night lights, and was in exactly zero of the same categories. Perhaps your rage should be misdirected at more worthy opponents, such as the vastly overrated mess called "Heroes", or the miserable-and-yet-on-rare-occasions-poignant "Boston Fucking Legal".

I agree on Friday Night Lights, though. That show is reinventing television week in and week out, and yet somehow "Grey's Anatomy" should apparently be more deserving of our accolades.

At least Battlestar Galactica got 2 non-technical nods this year. That put a smile on my face for several days afterwards.

I know it isn't in the same categories, that's not a parallel I'm drawing. My point is that crap like 30 Rock (which, I'm sorry, I think it's crap and nothing approaching original) gets notices across its respective board while Friday Night Lights, a standout in its categories, was outright snubbed. Shame on the TV Academy.

I'm with you on Heroes. I hate, HATE that show. And this is a comic geek talking. I didn't know you could so blatantly rip off Watchmen and be held in high critical regard.

Jeph Loeb should be hung out to dry. He ruins comics (by and large, with ew exceptions), then he ruins their potential on the screen.

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