February 03, 2007
Promoting "The Number 23"

Got this odd email this afternoon - but all the "23's" were omitted:

Man convicted after girlfriend's fatal 23-story fall

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania

The man who told police he dangled his girlfriend by her wrists before she fell 23 stories to her death during drunken horseplay was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter.

Kevin P. Eckenrode, 26, was acquitted of the more serious crime of third-degree murder in the Feb. 25 death of Rachel Kozlusky, 23, who fell from his apartment window after they had been drinking heavily for hours.

Eckenrode faces up to five years in prison, although a prosecutor said a sentence of three to 12 months is more likely under sentencing guidelines.

Eckenrode and his lawyer, William Costopoulos, exchanged brief nods after the jury announced the verdict, and Costopoulos said he was "very pleased."

"It's been hard on him, it's been hard on his mother and it's been hard on the family," Costopoulos said afterward. He said Eckenrode did not want to go to trial but could not accept a murder conviction.

Costopoulos had argued Kozlusky was extremely drunk and had taken too great a risk.

The prosecutor argued Eckenrode's stories to police were inconsistent.

Jennifer Storm, director of the local victim and witness assistance program, said Kozlusky's family found the verdict acceptable.

"'Not guilty' today would have been devastating," she said.


are you supposed to underline every 23rd word like in the trailer to decode a secret message?

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