December 16, 2006
That Will Smith

This guy seems to be able to open everything, from action films to a romantic comedy to, now, a sentimental drama. A very impressive run indeed.

Now, I don't think "The Pursuit of Happyness" is any exemplary filmmaking by any stretch of the imagination but still...there seems to be something about Smith that people simply like. He possesses a genuine sincerity and charm that can permeate the different characters he plays. And call me sentimental but I think it's good that his films are rewarded for that.


I saw the film yesterday, and I was in tears. Will Smith deserves a nom, and maybe a win. I haven't seen Venus or Last King of Scotland, but I don't know if they'll move me more.

Good on him. He should have won the Oscar for ALI.

How many stars would you give Happyness? Do you think it is Best Pic material?

The film was pretty good, in the sense that it didn't waste Smith's performance, but it isn't Best Pic material. I'd put Little Miss Sunshine or Sweet Land or Apocalypto over it in a heartbeat.

Oh, this is Best Actor and Best Song material at best.

I'm not even sure I'd give the film a "thumbs up"; but I think that Smith's starpower is one of the most deserved out there (as much as starpower can be deserved). And that's good to see.

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