December 17, 2006
Oh boy...

This'll be one of THOSE days. You know, the one where you have to catch up on the bulk of product you haven't seen yet in order to give a fair shake to your end of the year column?



Please see The Proposition.

Saw it months ago. Overrated.

Geez you're very hard to please.
Have you seen Bug? If so, do you think Ashley Judd has any chance at getting a nom?

Damn right, since you committed to posting your Top 10 list on my birthday tomorrow ;-)

I have seen Bug, and I think that Judd has little chance for a nomination. It's much less a problem with the performance than with the movie itself. It's just not an AMPAS-friendly movie, and Judd doesn't have enough cred to rise above it.

Bug is ineligible-- it's been pushed to 2007.

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