November 27, 2006
Will "Letters" show up at the IFPs?

Anyone know the budget on "Letters from Iwo Jima?" I believe it might be at or below the $20 million cut-off for Independant Film Awards consideration. In today's Oscar column I brought to light my view that this film could be the sleeping giant waiting to burst onto the 2006 Oscar scene, and that maybe we'll get an indication in two weeks from the Golde Globe nominations, as the film made the deadline for consideration there. But maybe it'll turn up tomorrow? Just thinking out loud...


Various reports claim the budget to be between 13 and 20 million for Letters.

I've heard the budget was 15 mil but that could be wrong.

this film looks gorgeous the website is so classy!

Have the voters even seen it?

I don't think Letters is elligable because of the Festival Rule. Isn't there a rule that says that only films which premiered at a film festival can be nominated?

I remember that keeping Eternal Sunshine.

Also, isn't Iwo Jima is Japanese language, which would mean it'd be ineligable for Best Picture at the Globes.

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