November 16, 2006
While you're reading these "Dreamgirls" raves today... so knowing there is a decent contingent that has been left cold by this film. I've heard Jeffrey Wells's reaction and worse from an array of sources this week (some coming on the heels of that HFPA screening Sunday night). Don't drink the kool-aid just yet, that's all I'm saying. The "frontrunner" might well be the underdog in the end...

I'll see the film when I see it.


You may be right. I have a female friend that saw Dreamgirls last night and it left her cold. She simply didnt love it.

I'm not surprised. The movie isn't for everyone, but it's perfect for AMPAS.

The fact that Jeff Wells hates it must be a good's hard to trust a guy whose opinion of a masterpiece musical is Phantom.

Stop putting words in people's mouths, Artimus. You've done the same thing elsewhere with my opinion of "The Good German." Jeffrey hardly hated it. Nothing close to it.

And where exactly did he chalk Phantom up as a masterpiece? News to me all over the place...

The second he praised it and said it was a lock for the Best Picture WIN. He didn't have a single bad comment and kept pushing it until it became obvious he was wrong (as if it wasn't from the start). My apologies for using the word hate instead of "less fond than others." I am sorry about that horrendously incorrect adjective use. The Phantom comment, however, still stands.

And where have I misrepresented your opinions, Kris?

Artimus, you're misrepresenting facts all over the place.

First off, it was David Poland, not Jeff Wells, who said Phantom was in there for Best Picture.

Second, this largely discussed (the last two years, anyway) misstep in David's Oscar prognostication has morphed into the wrong assessment that he was singing the film's praises. He never did anything of the sort. He simply reacted to the Academy screening and felt it was a cinch for a nomination. He was wrong. It was proved as such two to three weeks later. There was never any year-long tub-thumping, but in this world of Oscarwatching, facts often get twisted and distorted into some fauz reality, largely because there is no accountability for spouting off at the mouth on a forum.

Which brings me to your last question. I was tipped to a comment you made elsewhere, I believe on the Oscarwatch forums, that I "hated" The Good German. You misrepresented my view, though I would expect my lengthy post on the subject on this blog last week would have cleared up any confusion.

Moral of the story: don't try to fit everything into a nice little box. Be thoughtful. It really isn't that hard to do.

Ahh, sorry then. I didn't realize it was Poland. They do tend to blend together. My apologies.

When I wrote that you had said one thi (tipped? right...):

"And tonight was a horrible, HORRIBLE start, I might add. What a rough viewing experience..."

I don't thing taking that as hate is much of a stretch, if any. You lengthy post came long after and I made no such comment since then.

Tipped. Right.

Tipped. Right. As in:

"Kris, I heard you hated The Good German. What gives?"

"What? I never said that. It was a trying experiment, but I haven't commited to an opinion. Who told you I hated it"

"I read it in the Oscarwatch forums."

Not so hard to imagine, Artimus.

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