November 16, 2006
Thank You for Screening

You know, I didn't really give a lot of credence to a "Thank You for Smoking" adapted screenplay nomination prior to seeing it pop up on David Poland's charts a few weeks back, but the more I think about it (and take it in subsequent times), the more it seems a likelihood. And if writer/director Jason Reitman keeps charming the circuit like he did for an intimate WGA screening this evening, things should pan out nicely.

I moderated the Q&A that followed the screening, and it was one of my favorites so far this year. That has a lot to do with Jason being closer to my age than most of the folks I've had the opportunity to share the stage with this season, and our sensibilities and senses of humor being similar as well. But he's just got a lot of charisma and can have fun with things in a loose manner that really leaves a great, un-fussed-over impression.

And checking out the film on DVD recently brought back fond memories. It really is one of the best films of the year, certainly one of the best comedies. And Aaron Eckhart remains a golden god.


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