November 22, 2006

...I definitely wouldn't say it left a "crater."


of course this is in reference to poland's dreamgirls remark. so you saw it! so if it wasn't a crater...was it an inch, a mile? any type of distance between this film and the other frontrunners, or is it pretty much even?? or less than even?

my guess is...

Kris, I need your help with something out of the issue:
Which font did you use for the "Tech Support" logo?

Thanks and help me!

Mr. Daho,

I designed the Tech Support logo, and the font I used is called "Yanone Kaffeesatz". It's a free font, here's the link.

Weird. The comment I left earlier was worded COMPLETELY wrong. I delted it to avoid confusion.

Anyway, I haven't seen APOCALYPTO. Thursday. Hearing great things about it, though.

Meanwhile, I'll have something up on DREAMGIRLS when I can find the right way of presenting a negative reaction without being offensive.

a negative reaction...
can't wait to read it...
Tom O'Neal, Peter Travers & David Poland raved it...

another guy called it "a beautiful mess"

...and I'm still waiting for your Pan's Labyrinth review...


A negative reaction? That will be interesting to read and help us get a more balanced view of the movie... I have a tendency to mistrust when something's been too raved... it's hard to get an accurate feel for the film.

Thanks Grizzly.

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