October 18, 2006
"Scissors" plays fantastically for the SAG

"Running with Scissors" screened for the Screen Actors Guild a second time last night at the DGA, and it played wonderfully. A crowded theater of thespians responded better than Sony could have expected, following some tepid critical responses that have ranged from dislike to disgust.

I moderated the Q & A with director Ryan Murphy following the screening, and charming as always he provided the best responses. The crowd ate it right up, and I'm starting to feel foolish for bumping Annette Bening from my predictions earlier in the week. In all honesty, if anyone should be on the cusp of being perceived as "weak" in the Best Actress category as of late, it might be Kate Winslet. "Little Children" will be much more off-putting to the Academy at large than a fun excursion like "Scissors," which really seems to find acceptance amongst filmmakers and talent - you know, people who actually MAKE movies - given the two SAG screenings and last week's premiere at the Academy.

Anyway, Jill Clayburgh got a great ovation when the credits rolled at the end, which boads well for her comeback story this year. And, of course, shining star Bening was praised to no end, from viewers with experiences with mental illness praising the accuracy of portrayal, to delight over Murphy's recognition of his own mother in the erratic character that is Deirdre Burroughs.

"Running with Scissors" releases October 27.


I am so excited for this movie. It is to the point where I hope critics hate it. I want it to be like I Heart Huckabees, where critics didnt really jump on board, but I ended up loving it. That usually doesnt happen, but it is cool when it does. Makes me wanna go out and find little quirky gems everywhere.

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