October 19, 2006
Are "Cream of the Crop" critics just a bunch of pussies?

This disconnect between the mainstream, top tier critics and the rest of the pack on "Flags of Our Fathers" is staggering. Sure, there might be some biases on both sides of the aisle, but I doubt the level of supposed "Eastwood hatred" by the fringe folks outweighs the assured "Eastwood suck-up" tendencies of the older blokes.

I'm just saying.


Hmmm...I don't know. Could it also be age and demographics? Perhaps the more hip bloggers don't connect to the story the same way older critics do. I really don't think it's at all fair to blame the major critics for a bias, that's just mean spirited (and it doesn't look good). Not to mention people like Sasha @ OW liked it, and she is a blogger. I really think you're going too far in this case.

Sasha doesn't have the mindset of a blogger, even if she is in the online game. I've actually talked about this very subject with her. She would tend to agree (that there are biases on both sides).

i totally agree that there's a disconnect but I think it's not just bias as laziness. I hate to be so blunt but I can't figure how people can watch this movie and not see its very obvious problems.

i really can't. that reads obnoxious i know and i greatly respect some of the cream of the croppers but still...

i thought for sure after seeing it that it would get raves from the standard pushovers but i didn't see the wide support from the cream of the croppers that are usually discerning.

strange. i guess greatly respected director + topic no one wants to critize = raves.

Not obnoxious. I agree with you. I'm absolutely baffled with how a lot of these usually smart guys can see "Flags" as anything better than mediocre.

It's not horrible or anything, but come on. I guess that some people are just willing to give Eastwood the benefit of the doubt based entirely on the promise and prestige of the project while overlooking the fact that the approach was really kind of botched.

And also that Haggis' script is just embarassing.

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