October 11, 2006
"Scissors" Gets a Premiere

"Running with Scissors" played well to a premiere crowd last night at the Academy. A few severely negative critical assessments have hit publication in recent weeks, which is strange to me. This is a hard film to hate, I feel, and that's saying a lot coming from a guy who can't stand the bulk of Wes Anderson cinema (to which "Scissors" has been compared in style). But it seemed like smooth sailing in the Goldwyn Theater last night.

The reception afterwards was a star-studded event. A youthful Joseph Cross talked to me a little about his future schooling plans in Westchester County New York. He certainly had an air of humility to him considering he had just come off another major premiere the night before, for Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers."

Jill Clayburgh looked ravishing, especially after seeing her de-glammed performance in the film. Brian Cox worked the room finding numerous friends, while Joseph Fiennes (who kills in the film) had the girls in a tizzy.

Other attendees included Seymour Cassell and Dennis Haysbert (who I happened to catch at the last minute as I was leaving). But at the center of the room was Annette Bening, crowded and basking in the glory of a fantastic performance. Husband Warren Beatty (one of the few folks in this town, it seems, that can make me star-struck) hovered in the background, chatting here and there, but mostly enjoying some fine (as always) cuisine.

Anyway, all in all it was a swell evening. "Runing with Scissors" might have its head ripped off by critics, it might not. Regardless, I've thought it to be a fine film for some time and wish brand new feature director Ryan Murphy the best as he tackles more material in the future. Just wrap up those "thank yous" a little quicker at the next premiere, sport.

Oh, most unexpected moment: when Marilyn Manson sat down next to me and David Poland. Crikey!


Boy would I love to see an image of Marilyn Manson and you two. I would pay for that, lol.

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