October 12, 2006

The fact that Fox Searchlight is the first out of the gate with screeners may end up going a long way toward "Little Miss Sunshine"'s very real bid for a Best Picture nomination. I get the feeling the Oscar update is going to be substantial next week...


Clearly LMS is where they are pinning their hopes, right? I mean, this is a bold move. A shame really, because despite how much of a crowd pleaser this little gem is, I think their real gem is the beautiful, sparlking LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. Oh well - there are so many dollars to spend, I guess, but I have to wonder if they really feel like they could get more than just noms for screenplay and Alan Arkin. LMS seems like a surefire Spirit Award sweep, NOT a best picture. I've said it before, this movie is not SIDEWAYS.

I agree, Last King is vastly superior. But this is the smart move for the studio. Last King has a lot of detractors, while Little Miss seems to just exude passion everywhere.

And this movie doesn't have to be Sideways. It's a much different animal, like Field of Dreams. It's sentimental but something else is working there, plus it has the quirks to draw indie lovers.

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