October 10, 2007
Predictions of a different stripe...

AFC: New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Houston, San Diego > New England, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville > New England, Indianapolis > NEW ENGLAND

NFC: Dallas, Green Bay, Washington, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Detroit > Dallas, Green Bay, Washington, Tampa Bay > Dallas, Green Bay > GREEN BAY

Back to the Oscars...


Arizona, Kris? Think Kurt will lead them to glory?

New England winning = death.

No respect for the Seahawks...

No way Detroit gets a sniff. They're going downhill fast.

Plug Seattle in for Detroit. Maybe Chicago.

My poor, poor Dolphins.

A repeat of the '97 Superbowl? Wonderful! I'm glad you picked Green Bay. According to Sporscenter, cheering for Brett Favre is like cheering for America.

Speaking of Green Bay...did you see Washington give that game away today?


Not pathetic, really. Not in the way the Chargers' losses looked. But they certainly folded in the second half (and considering their my home town team, I felt burned).

No worries, though. I still think each of these teams looks set for the playoffs. Lots of games left to play.

I'll just sit back and hate the Patriots some more because, well, I feel born to do so lately.

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