October 04, 2007
One word review of "Lions for Lambs" from a journo colleague...


Uh-oh. But didn't we see things heading that way?


Meh. Redford is screening the film at UPenn next week, where I am a student. Not quite as exciting if the movie is going to suck.

If that's the case, Streep won't be having the best fall, with this and Rendition striking out.

Who was this journo colleague? No need to give a name but some idea of who this is. Sounds to me like the idiotic right-wing rants I see on IMDb and Hollywood-Elsehwere(curse Wells and Massey!). so you'll have to excuse me if I don't buy this at all.

If it's credentials you're looking for, it's someone from either the NY Times, LA Times, Variety or The Hollywood Reporter.

Also heard the same thing from someone in the biz but not a journo yesterday. The thing was cut down to 88 minutes, FYI. Trouble.

The opinions given to me had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with opinion of the film as a whole. A nd let's face it, no one who's read the script had good things to say abotu "Lions for Lambs." This has been fated.

I for one liked the script a lot, although I can see it being a mediocre movie. You're definately wrong about people not liking the script, it ranked very high on the black list last year which is the list of the top scripts that studio execs, producers, and agents read throughout the year. Then again Rendition was ranked number 3 and so far the word has been pretty bad.

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