October 22, 2007
Nicholson to be taken seriously

As the most nominated actor in the history of the Academy, I am shocked no one seems to be taking Jack Nicholson's latest performance in "The Bucket List" all that seriously as a best actor candidate? After being snubbed for "The Departed" when he clearly gave a superb performance, I am anxious to see Nicholson opposite Morgan Freeman for the first time in a film that could prove to be the heart warmer of the holiday season, and let's face it, Oscar likes to have his heart warmed.

If anyone can elevate the material of 'The Bucket List' it's certainly Nicholson and Freeman, who are directed by Rob Reiner who admittedly has not had a hit film for a long time, but neither has he had good material for quite some time or strong actors. Let's not forget that Reiner guided Nicholson to an Oscar nod in "A Few Good Men" fifteen years ago.

Granted the field for best actor is pretty tough this year and it looks like it is Daniel Day-Lewis' to lose but I am shcoked that no one, Kris excepted, seems to be talking Nicholson up for a nomination. He is among the greatest living actors, one of the icons of the seventies who manages to walk that line between genuine movie star and great actor. Yes I agree that far too often he allows the Jack persona to take over, but when he challenges himself, and is in turn challenged by a good director, he is capable of the extraordinary performances he gave in "About Schmidt," "The Pledge" and "Ironweed." The year he won for "As Good As It Gets" should have been Robert Duvall's for "The Apostle," but the fact is that Jack won that one on his sheer movie star appeal.

Now in fairness I could dead wrong on this but my gut feeling is telling me to watch out for this film and Nicholson's performance. He may decide to move us and when he does, he is unstoppable.


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