October 07, 2007
First look at Hoffman in "Charlie Wilson's War":

So I had to take this from a crappy quality quasi-trailer from "Entertainment Tonight," but this is the first I think I've seen of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the new Mike Nichols film, which is set to be a big dog from Universal because it's basically what they've got to work with at this point.

I cleaned it up a little, but here's the shot:


A fantastic character that could usher Hoffman back to the race.


I'm really excited to see Tom Hanks hopefully return to form. After all this talk of Daniel Day-Lewis, Depp, and Clooney, watch Hanks remind everyone why he's still one of the best in the biz. Hoffman will be ushered back in for sure, but likewise with Hanks as well.

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