October 20, 2007

I finally caught up with "Control" yesterday at the DGA, and man, what a grand slam performance from Sam Riley. Any fan of Joy Division is going to let the more-derivative-than-most-seem-to-allow work from Anton Corbijn roll off their back, but at the same time, Corbijn injects a level of style into this thing that is really beautiful. Riley also digs into this character with so much ferocity that I'm not sure I was watching an actor, so much as a vessel. And that "Dead Souls" sequence was fan-fucking-tastic.

Good show all around. Samantha Morton is someone to watch for a nomination if the Weinsteins get a major campaign off the ground. Especially given the weakness of the category.

Looking forward to moderating a Q&A with Riley on Monday for the SAG. Brave, daring, awesome performance.


i'm stoked for this. can't come soon enough.

Yeah, I've been thinking Morton could get that nod since I saw it a few months back. She's got several "moments" and plenty of sad/crying bits to take an image from and use on FYC ads.

But, alas, it is the Weinsteins and they'll be pushing for 'I'm Not There' more than anything else I imagine.

None of the Weinstein campaigns are really going to get in the way of each other. The I'm Not There campaigbn will be largely Cate-centric and they really want to push Control pretty hard, so I wouldn't count anything against it just yet. Though with The Great Debaters on the way, one never knows...

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