October 11, 2007
Another one bites the dust?

I don't know. That was my opinion after tonight's screening of "The Kite Runner," in any case. There wasn't a short supply of people at the screening that bought into what this thing was clubbing on the nose, but to me, this film isn't the Best Picture contender it might have been with a little more restraint. I'll try to get a review up tomorrow. A star and a half review.


I told you so.

Gonna disagree strongly with you. Roger Ebert liked it, and so did Variety. That's good enough for me. You might be alone in this, as you were with NCfOM

How about you disagree when you see it and can make your own assumptions?

ANd yeah, I was alone on No Country. But most are beginning to understand the fact that the Academy isn't going to warm up to that film...period. Fine with being alone, but again, doesn't matter what I think about a film when it comes to predicting Oscars.

Imagine that...a Marc Forster that clobbers it's message with a ballpin hammer...

Hey, I like Forster. There's room in the world for the whimsical. But this one is just flat. Flat and empty.

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