September 28, 2007
"No Country for Old Men" is the wicked, twisted half-brother of "Fargo," but with half the thematic resilience, a third of the poignancy and perhaps none of the ultimate impact.

It's the headline that lept to mind after tonight's wholly unsatisfying screening. The review will have to follow at another time...


I haven't seen the film yet but it looks great fro the trailer. From what I undetstand the Coen's made a faithful adaptation of the book. I don't know if you read the book but I assume that you wouldn't like it. This film just may not be your cup of tea because about 90 percent of what I've read about it has been positive. I will read your review when you post it but this is film is definitely one of my most anticipated ones of the year.

Wow, I'm surprised to hear that Kris. We clearly saw different movies.

Yes, John Y., it sounds like Kris saw a different film than you and about 90
percent of the rest of the people who saw it. But, it just may not be his type of film.

No, it is my type of film. Right up my alley really (and no need to make excuses for my disliking it). Frankly, I'm bewildered that "Assassination" gets the "pretentious" tag and this thing apparently gets away Scot-free. I've never seen a deeper hole dug for such sparse results...

Jesse James wasn't a bad film but the last 20 minutes was ultra-pretentious.

Disagree entirely. "Maybe it's just not your cup of tea."

Jesse James should have been cut by at least a half an hour. It was a bit self indulgent on the Dominick's part. I liked Pitt's performance. But I couldn't stand Affleck. He was like chalk scratching on a blackboard.

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