August 17, 2007
The Heath-Joker

There is something oddly troubling to me about this pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker in the upcoming film "The Dark Knight." I'm not sure what it is. While it's certainly twisted on one hand, it doesn't have the sense of macabre I was hoping for out of the character (though this is obviously just an image, nothing to go on yet). Kind of Halloween makeup-ish or something, I dunno.



C'mon Kris, Ledger has obviously been roughed up and/or interrogated as this pic and others suggest. Hence the messy-halloween look. In other pictures and videos, Ledger has that "Macabre" style. Like you noted, they're just pictures. I have more qualms with the new batsuit then Heath's-Joker take.

Warner lawyers were fast in taking them down at aintitcool, but chud, joblow, and others still have them...

Sure he's been roughed up, but even in the other pics, like the second angle of him holding the knife on Gyllenhaal, it just rings false to me. Something digging at me that I'm just beginning to dislike the visual take they've gone with on the character.

Right click save was a godsend when these pics hit last night, but strange that AICN is the only one to remove them.

What I like most about this picture is that even though Ledger seems to have gotten caught and interrogated by Batman or the police, he still seems in control. He seems confident, calm, and enjoying the moment. Awesome. In Nolan I Trust.

Personally, I like the Joker's new look. Less silly (not to bash Jack's enjoyable performance) and more meanacing. The makeup bit doesn't bother me at all, but I can understand how some might not like it. What irritated me was all the miscreants on IMDb complaining about how the movie would be horrible simply b/c Joker wears makeup.

" A couple of years ago I was thinking that you were on the cusp of being one of the great actors of your generation, but you’ve stuck yourself into a rut just as surely as Cuba Gooding Jr has..."

could it be that what's bothering you is that Batman Begins is not a good movie

Ugh Yet another reason why CHUD is not to be taken seriously. If they think Bale's gotten into a rut--unlikely given that he's done a variety of genres and received praise for his performances--then they're not worth the electrons they're printed on.

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