August 09, 2007

I think that my favorite of the Emmy nominations announced a few weeks back has to be Denis Leary's nod for the third season of "Rescue Me." I just finished catchnig up with it, and something caught fire in the creativity of the show half-way through the season that just sent it straight to the highest tier of dramatic television. And Leary's performance is sensational throughout, the best work of his career.

Now I need to find some way to catch up on Season 4.


My tivo's main job is to record Rescue Me-- I don't think I've ever seen an episode during it's original air date. Leary's Emmy submission, "Retards," is fantastic. Hopefully it will bring the show some deserved recognition.

More importantly though, I just devoured all three released seasons of "The Wire." Wow. I think it goes beyond being the best show I've seen in recent memory and approaches the distinction of being the best show ever created. Of course, that means it cannot get any Emmy attention.

For every small victory like Dennis Leary there is a huge mistake like The Wire or Friday Night Lights.

I think Gandolfini is easily winning (his tape is just too good), but if anyone upsets him, I hope it's Leary. He's got a great tape and it would make up for him losing to Kiefer's bleh submission last year.

This site has a couple of the new episodes up

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