July 10, 2007
Reiterating Hoffman

Regarding Bbrian Kinsley's look at Aaron Sorkin's "Charlie Wilson's War" screenplay today, I have to reiterate how much of a dynamite role Phillip Seymour Hoffman has in this flick. Indeed, forget Roberts, and of course, the Wilson role is a prize no matter who got the part, but Hoffman's saucy CIA agent has the most howlers in a typically dialogue-explosive Sorkin riff.

And I agree Brian's overall assessment. Iit's a hell of a script.

Next week Brian will be looking at Ben Affleck's "Gone, Baby, Gone."


Haven't read the script, haven't seen any trailer, but why do I feel Hanks is mis-cast? Maybe The DaVinci Code is still fresh in my mind. Hmmm....

I'd actually agree that Hanks isn't nearly the best choice for this character. It's clearly a "fill in the star blank" sort of scenario, but something we obviously have come to expect of Hollywood. This isn't to say Hanks isn't capable of putting out a great turn with this meaty a part, but it'd be nice if the industry could have the backbone to go against the grain more often than they do. After seeing a picture of Wilson and considering who I'd like to see int he role, for some reason I kept landing on Mark Harmon.

But that's me.

i have a lot of trouble imagining hanks handling sorkin dialogue-- i did love mark harmon's guest appearance on the west wing, interesting choice

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